LV Landmark Detection Challenge

As part of the Statistical Atlases and Computational Models (STACOM) of the Heart 2012 workshop, the Cardiac Atlas Project is running a Left Ventricular (LV) Landmark Detection Challenge. The workshop will be held on 5th October 2012 as a MICCAI 2012 workshop in Nice, France.

In this challenge, we invite participants to evaluate their algorithms to automatically detect anatomical landmark points on our cardiac MRI data. A full set of 4D cine-MRI in long-axis and short-axis views from 200 patients are made available for this challenge. The data are randomly divided into 2 sets: training set (100 patients) and validation set (100 patients). The training set contains landmark points that have been manually annotated by analysts.

Your task is to run your automated landmark detection algorithm on the 100 patients from the validation set. The landmark points include mitral valve points on the long-axis view images, right ventricular (RV) insert points on the short-axis images and base to apex central axis points.

The only requirement for this challenge is that the algorithm must be fully automatic.

Note that you don't need to detect all points in the validation data set. We will analyze only points that are submitted. Landmarks that are going to be detected are pre-described in the annotation file.

The challenge process

  1. Send an email to Avan Suinesiaputra by providing your name and institution. We will send you the login access to the data shortly based on two agreements, as summarised from the CAP-STACOM2012 Data Usage Agreement:
    1. You shall send us landmark detection results on the validation data set, and
    2. You agree to submit a paper to the STACOM 2012 workshop describing the algorithm and the validation results.
  2. You can test your algorithm on the test set data with the provided landmark points as references.
  3. Submit your landmark detection results on the validation data set (click here for more about submission).
  4. We will shortly return the validation results with the absolute distance errors (in mm) for each landmark point.
  5. You must write a paper about these results and submit it to the STACOM 2012 workshop. Independent reviewers will be assigned by the STACOM 2012 workshop organizers to review your paper.

Key dates

5 October 2012 The STACOM 2012 workshop.
1 April 2012 Data for the LV landmark challenge are available on this website.
15 June 2012 Deadline registration and for abstract + title submission (see STACOM 2012 website).
1 September 2012 The last date to submit your detection results to this challenge.
30 June 2012 Paper submission with methodology and preliminary results.
6 July 2012 Notification of acceptance with reviews to the authors.
1 August 2012 Paper upload to the MICCAI conference.