Name Institution Status Detection Method
M. A. Hadhoud Helwan University, Egypt D,Q unknown
X. Lu Siemens Corp. Research, USA D,S A machine learning based method to model individual and joint context for a landmark set.
H. Wang Imperial College, UK D,X An Adaboost-based object detection approach to identify the position of anatomical landmarks of the heart.
X. Li Inst. of Automation, China D,X Discriminative Joint Context approach to construct contextual regions between landmarks.
D. Mahapatra ETH, Switzerland D,S LV landmark detection using local image statistics.
Z. Zhang Oregon Health & Science Univ., USA D,X unknown
V. Tavakoli Univ. of Louisville, USA D,X Landmark detection based on modeling the heart chamber by using NURBS basis function.
L. Wang Xiamen Univ., China D,X Level-set based method
Y. Kutluk Bogazici Univ., Turkey D,X Deformable model + isodata
D = downloaded the data, Q = quit, S = submitted, X = not submitted.