Motion Tracking Challenge – STACOM 2011

This is the first Cardiac Motion Analysis Challenge that was held at the 2011 MICCAI workshop entitled “Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart: Imaging and Modelling Challenges” (STACOM’11). The objective of this challenge is to evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of different motion analysis algorithms applied to a multimodal cardiac database. The database includes a dataset from a dynamic phantom1 and 15 datasets from healthy volunteers. The data was acquired at the Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, King’s College London, United Kingdom, and the Department of Internal Medicine II – Cardiology, University of Ulm, Germany.

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The Cardiac Atlas Project hosts the challenge data. Each case consists of cardiac MRI and 3D ultrasound images. The MR acquisition includes: (1) cine SSFP sequences in 2-chamber, 4-chamber, and short-axis views, (2) a whole-heart SSFP sequence gated at end-diastole and end-expiration; and (3) a 4D tMR sequence2. Sequences including three orthogonal tagged directions will be provided together with a fused grid-tagged volume sequence, in VTK and NIFTI formats. The ultrasound acquisition includes a 4D apical volume acquisition. All the datasets will be provided in anonymized DICOM format.

The data are provided with open access policy by attributation. This means that if you publish a paper using these data, then you are requested to cite the following citation:

C. Tobon-Gomez, M. De Craene, K. McLeod, L. Tautz, W. Shi, A. Hennemuth, A. Prakosa, H. Wang, G. Carr-White, S. Kapetanakis, A. Lutz, V. Rasche, T. Schaeffter, C. Butakoff, O. Friman, T. Mansi, M. Sermesant, X. Zhuang, S. Ourselin, H.-O. Peitgen, X. Pennec, R. Razavi, D. Rueckert, A. F. Frangi, and K. S. Rhode, “Benchmarking framework for myocardial tracking and deformation algorithms: An open access database,” Med Image Anal, 17(6), 632–648, 2013.

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Ground truth

The ground truth data of this challenge is available: (363.5 MB)

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For more inquiries about the data, please contact

  • Kawal Rhode (kawal [dot] rhode [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk)
  • Catalina Tobon Gomez (catactg [at] gmail [dot] com)
  • Mathieu de Craene (mathieu [dot] de_craene [at] philips [dot] com)