Left Atrium Segmentation Challenge

The left atrium is clinically important for the management of atrial fibrillation in patients. Both CT and MRI are commonly used for imaging of this structure. Segmentation can be used to generate anatomical models that can be employed in guided treatment and also more recently for cardiac biophysical modelling. There are several topological variants and this means that segmentation of the endocardial boundary and pulmonary veins is challenging. 30 CT and 30 MRI data sets will be provided to participants for segmentation of the endocardial boundary and the pulmonary veins up to the first branch point. 10 data sets for each modality will be provided with expert manual segmentations for algorithm training.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation Challenge

The objective of STACOM 2013 CFD challenge is to investigate the impact of different degrees of severity in aortic coarctation in the computed pressure gradient. Particular emphasis will be placed on the comparison of computer pressure gradients with "ground-truth" invasive measurements of pressure acquired via pressure wires. We will again provide preoperative data of different patients with different degrees of aortic coarctation, MR-derived flow splits and invasive pressure measurements. The challengers will be asked to predict the pressure drop through the coarctation using the computational tool of their choice. Results obtained with different methodologies will then be compared with available clinical measurements. During the workshop, variations in methodology, prediction results and parameter sensitivity will be discussed.

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Key Dates Key Dates
14 JunePaper registration (tentative title and short abstract)
17 JunePaper submission deadline
5 JulyNotification of acceptance
22 JulyEarly MICCAI registration deadline
26 JulyRevised paper submission deadline after review
29 JulyFinal paper acceptance notification
26 SeptemberThe workshop day


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