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Chairs Chairs

Alistair Young
Dept. of Anatomy with Radiology
University of Auckland, New Zealand
a.young [at]

Mihaela Pop
Sunnybrook Research Institute
University of Toronto, Canada
mihaela.pop [at]

Oscar Camara
Computational Biology & Biomedical Systems
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
oscar.camara [at]

Tommaso Mansi
Imaging and Computer Vision Technology Field,
Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology
Princeton, NJ, USA
tommaso.mansi [at]

Kawal Rhode
Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering
King’s College London, UK
kawal.rhode [at]

Maxime Sermesant
Inria, France
Maxime.Sermesant [at]


Programme Committee

Alistair Young, Miihaela Pop, Oscar Camara, Tommaso Mansi, Kawal Rhode, Maxime Sermesant,
Edward Di Bella, Martyn Nash, Vicky Wang, Avan Suinesiaputra

MRI perfusion challenge

Alistair Young, Edward Di Bella, Avan Suinesiaputra

LV mechanics challenge

Alistair Young, Vicky Wang, Martyn Nash

Additional reviewers

Julien Bardonnet, Constantine Butakoff, Nicholas Duchateau, Mathieu De Craene, Loic LeFolgac, Marco Lorenzi, Stephanie Marchesseau, Dominik Neumann, Tiziano Passerini, Mihai Scutaru, Ingmar Voigt, Graham Wright, Robert Xu, Huanhuan Yang, Rocio Cabrera Lozoya

Sponsor relationship

Mihaela Pop


Avan Suinesiaputra