LV Mechanics Challenge - Data LV Mechanics Challenge - Data

The data consist of four dogs imaged at the National Insitutes of Health, USA, using high resolution cines, tagging, and ex-vivo DTI. Left ventricular pressures were also recorded during scanning. Dogs were paced from the right atrium. See Wang et al 2009 for details.

For this challenge, data on the surface geometries will be given for three time points (states): diastasis (before atrial contraction), end-diastole and end-systole. These are given in two forms: as structured point clouds, and binary images. Ex-vivo DTI data are also provided giving the orientation of the muscle fibres, given in two forms:

  1. as a structured point cloud, registered to the in-vivo geometry at diastasis, with components of the first principal eigenvector at each point, and
  2. the raw ex-vivo DTI data files which will require registration with the in-vivo geometry.

Participants are free to use either dataset. Note the raw DTI files are relatively large (~0.5 Gb per case). Boundary conditions provided include LV pressures at each stage and the displacement of four points at the base. 

Organisers Organisers
  1. Alistair Young
    (University of Auckland, NZ)
  2. Martyn Nash
    (University of Auckland, NZ)
  3. Vicky Wang
    (University of Auckland, NZ)


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