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Quick steps to participate in this challenge:

  1. Email your interest to Avan. In the email, please state the algorithm name, a very short description about the method and what kind of correction method (rigid/non-rigid/other but preferably both rigid and non-rigid).
  2. You will get an access to retrieve the data (see Data).
  3. Submit your results.
  4. Write a paper to describe your method and discuss the experimental results.
  5. Submit your paper to the STACOM 2014 workshop (deadline: 16-06-2014). See the submission page.

Any questions, please contact: Avan Suinesiaputra at

Organisers Organisers
  1. Edward DiBella
    (University of Utah, USA)
  2. Alistair Young
    (University of Auckland, NZ)
  3. Nils Noorman
    (TU Eindhoven, NL)
  4. Avan Suinesiaputra
    (University of Auckland, NZ)
  5. Devravat Likhite
    (University of Utah, USA)
  6. James Small
    (University of Auckland, NZ)
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