LV Mechanics Challenge - Participating LV Mechanics Challenge - Participating

To participate into this challenge:

  1. Contact Vicky Wang at In the email, please write "LV Mechanics Challenge" in the subject and briefly describe your method.
  2. Download the data (direct links will be given by email) and perform the simulation.
  3. Submit your results. Submission of results should take the form of displacements of the material points corresponding to the registered DTI point data (text files).
  4. Write a paper desribing your method and the results.
  5. Submit the paper to the STACOM 2014 workshop.
Organisers Organisers
  1. Alistair Young
    (University of Auckland, NZ)
  2. Martyn Nash
    (University of Auckland, NZ)
  3. Vicky Wang
    (University of Auckland, NZ)


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