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Thursday, September 18
8:00 - 16:30
Building 32 (Stata Center)
Room 449 (view map)
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8:00 Registration and welcome
8:15 Opening remarks
8:30 Keynote Presentation

Raymond Y Kwong, MD MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Title: Clinical Frontiers in Cardiac Imaging

This talk will present a clinical perspective of the current challenges of cardiac imaging, with emphasis on areas where maximum impact can be made in patient care in the next 10 years. An overview will be presented of the Global Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Registry. This registry currently comprises over 40,000 patient records, and is a valuable tool for quantifying cost effectiveness of CMR examinations.

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9:15 LV Mechanics Challenge

Short presentations from selected participants, challenge results and round-table discussions.
Moderators: Martyn Nash & Vicky Wang

10:00 Coffee & Tea Break
10:30 Motion Correction Perfusion Challenge

Short presentations from selected participants, challenge results and round-table discussions.
Moderators: Alistair Young & Edward Di Bella

11:15 Challenges wrap-up & future directions
11:30 Posters + lunch at 12:00


Evaluating local contractions from large deformations using affine invariant spectral geometry

Dan Raviv, Jon Lessick, Ramesh Raskar

Structural Abnormality Detection of ARVC Patients via Localised Distance-to-average Mapping

Kristin McLeod, Marcus Noack, Jørg Saberniak, Kristina Haugaa

Joint Myocardial Motion and Contraction Phase Estimation from Cine MRI using Variational Data Assimilation

Viateur Tuyisenge, Laurent Sarry, Thomas Corpetti, Elisabeth Innorta-Coupez, Lemlih Ouchchane, Lucie Cassagnes

Segmentation of the aortic valve apparatus in 3D echocardiographic images: deformable modeling of a branching medial structure

Alison Pouch, Sijie Tian, Manabu Takabe, hongzhi wang, Jiefu Yuan, Albert Cheung, Benjamin Jackson, Joseph Gorman, Robert Gorman, Paul Yushkevich

Statistical Model of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Catheter Ablation Targets for Pulmonary Vein Isolation

Ahmed Al-Agamy, Rashed karim, Aruna Arujuna, James Harrison, Steven Williams, Kawal Rhode, Hans van Assen

Multi-modal Validation Framework of Mitral Valve Geometry and Functional Computational Models

Sasa Grbic, Thomas Easley, Tommaso Mansi, Charles Bloodworth, Eric Pierce, Ingmar Voigt, Dominik Neumann, Julian Krebs, David Yuh, Morten Jensen, Dorin Comaniciu, Ajit Yoganathan

Reusability of Statistical Shape Models for the Segmentation of Severely Abnormal Hearts

Xènia Alba, Karim Lekadir, Corné Hoogendoorn, Marco Pereanez, Andrew J. Swift, Jim Wild, Alejandro Frangi

Registration of Real-time and Prior Imaging Data with Applications to MR Guided Cardiac Interventions

Robert Xu, Graham Wright

Restoration of Phase-Contrast Cardiovascular MRI for the Construction of Cardiac Contractility Atlases

Christina Koutsoumpa, Robin Simpson, Jennifer Keegan, David Firmin, Guang-Zhong Yang

Manifold learning for cardiac modeling and estimation framework

Radomir Chabiniok, Kanwal Bhatia, Andrew King, Daniel Rueckert, Nic Smith


Advanced Normalization Tools for Cardiac Motion Correction

Nick Tustison, Yang Yang, Michael Salerno

Evaluating a Joint Multi-level Image Registration and Intensity Correction Algorithm for Myocardial Perfusion MRI

Sancgeetha Kulaseharan, Mehran Ebrahimi

Comparison of linear and non-linear 2D+T registration methods for DE-MRI cardiac perfusion studies: Motion compensation challenge -- applied algorithms

Gert Wollny, Maria-Jesus Ledesma-Carbayo

Motion Correction for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced CMR Perfusion Images Using a Consecutive Finite Element Model Warping

Nils Noorman, James Small, Avan Suinesiaputra, Brett Cowan, Alistair Young

Deformable and Rigid Model-based Image Registration for Quantitative Cardiac Perfusion

Devavrat Likhite, Ganesh Adluru, Edward DiBella

Automatic Perfusion Analysis using Phase-based Registration and Object-based Image Analysis

Lennart Tautz, Teodora Chitiboi, Anja Hennemuth


Left Ventricular Diastolic and Systolic Material Property Estimation from Image Data

Adarsh Krishnamurthy, Christopher Villongco, Amanda Beck, Jeffrey Omens, Andrew McCulloch

Evaluation of Personalised Canine Electromechanical Models

Sophie Giffard-Roisin, Stephanie Marchesseau, Loic Le Folgoc, Hervé Delingette, Maxime Sermesant

Connection Forms for Beating the Heart

Arthur Mensch, Emmanuel Piuze, Lucas Lehnert, Adrianus Bakermans, Jon Sporring, Gustav Strijkers, Kaleem Siddiqi

Patient-specific parameter estimation for a transversely isotropic active strain model of left ventricular mechanics

Sjur Gjerald, Johan Hake, Simone Pezzuto, Joakim Sundnes, Samuel Wall

Estimation of diastolic biomarkers: sensitivity to fibre orientation

Sander Land, Steven Niederer, Pablo Lamata

Fully-coupled electromechanical simulations of the LV dog anatomy using HPC: Model testing and verification

Jazmin Aguado-Sierra, Alfonso Santiago, Matias Rivero, Mariña López-Yunta, David Soto-Iglesias, Lydia Dux-Santoy, Oscar Camara, Mariano Vazquez

Stacom Challenge: simulating left ventricular mechanics in the canine heart

Liya Asner, Myrianthi Hadjicharalambous, Radomir Chabiniok, Jack Lee, David Nordsletten

Identifying myocardial mechanical properties from MRI using an orthotropic constitutive model

Zhinuo Jenny Wang, Vicky Wang, Sue-Mun Huang, Justyna Niestrawska, Alistair Young, Martyn Nash

13:30 Keynote Presentation

Ehud Schmidt, PhD
Director of MR Engineering, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Title: Addressing Major Cardiac Electrophysiology Issues with Advanced Image Analysis

I will demonstrate how image processing progress, performed in the 1990’s and 2000’s by industry and academia, have dramatically advanced the Electrophysiology (EP) field. I will then discuss some pressing issues challenging both diagnosis and therapy in cardiac EP’s major applications, the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Tachycardia. I will then suggest how image processing may assist, in combination with advanced imaging, address these challenges.

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14:15 Oral presentations from regular papers

Image-based view-angle independent cardiorespiratory motion gating for X-ray-guided cardiac electrophysiology procedures

Maria Panayiotou, Andrew King, James Housden, YingLiang Ma, Michael Truong, Michael Cooklin, Jas Gill, Mark O'Neill, Aldo Rinaldi, Kawal Rhode


Analysis of Mitral Valve Motion in 4D Transesophageal Echocardiography for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Frank Michael Weber, Thomas Stehle, Irina Waechter-Stehle, Michael Goetz, Jochen Peters, Sabine Mollus, Jan Balzer, Malte Kelm, Weese Juergen


Estimation of Regional Electrical Properties of the Heart from 12-Lead ECG and Images

Philipp Seegerer, Tommaso Mansi, Marie-Pierre Jolly, Dominik Neumann, Bogdan Georgescu, Ali Kamen, Elham Kayvanpour, Ali Amr, Farbod Sedaghat-Hamedani, Jan Haas, Hugo Katus, Benjamin Meder, Dorin Comaniciu

15:00 Coffee & Tea Break
15:30 Oral presentations from regular papers

Multi-source Motion Decoupling Ablation Catheter Guidance for Electrophysiology Procedures

Mihaela Carjeu, Su-Lin Lee, Sabine Ernst, Guang-Zhong Yang


Factors Affecting Optical Flow Performance in Tagging Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Patricia Márquez-Valle, Hanne Kause, Andrea Fuster, Aura Hernandez, Luc Florack, Debora Gil, Hans van Assen


Robust Detection of Mitral Papillary Muscle from 4D Transesophageal Echocardiography

Mihai Scutaru, Ingmar Voigt, Tommaso Mansi, Anand Tatpati, Razvan Ionasec, Helene Houle, Dorin Comaniciu

16:15 Closing remarks & prizes
16:30 Adjourn


Key Dates Key Dates
22/06/2014 - Paper submission
08/07/2014 - Paper acceptance notification
26/07/2014 - Revised paper submission after review
18/09/2014 - STACOM 2014 workshop
16/11/2014 - Final paper submission for publication
~ March 2015 - LNCS proceedings published


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